No Alzheimer’s For Me
Pinging Hussein Kanji (2)
Pinging Hussein Kanji
Liking Is For Cowards
The Internet And The Emperors
The Music Tag On Tumblr
PayCheckr: Not Dead Yet
Mark Pincus Is Really Something
The Dong Rule
Video Blogging Would Beat Panels And Ignite
Wow Technorati
Southern Hospitality
My 50 Strong Tech Team Ranked 17 Globally On Vworker
Internet Week Fail Whale
Social Concentric Circles
Microfinance: Post Obama Race Talk
Fuck Yeah Africa
My BusiCopy Cofounder Anuj Bikram Thapa
The UN, The US, The Internet
Slow Down The Blogging
The Long March Of Democracy
Born In The USA
Someone From Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Now Followng Me On Tumblr
Live Nation And GroupOn: That Offline Component
Social Media And StartUps: Striking The Right Balance
Mafia Politics In Nepal
Mobile Banking For The Unbanked
Twitter Gangs Of New York (2)
18 Months Ago GroupOn Did Not Exist
Gender And The Wilson Household
Patti Smith's Dancing Barefoot: One Powerful Song
Chris Dixon Kind Of Person
Is Location The Fifth Dimension?
Jazz And Rock Fusion From Nepal
Me In The New York Times
Having Momo: Do Not Disturb
Doing Two Tech Startups
Subscription Business Models For Mindfood
Adaptive Text: The Book Deserves To Come Alive
Apple Does Hardware In Asia
That 10X Return Thing
Jessica Wilson Hearts Mahatma Gandhi
Mike Arrington And I: Close
Swiss Machine
Water Changes Everything
Kristina Hoke
Google Earth Builder
Your Local Library On Kindle
Indian Invasion Comedy
Way To Go Christina
Brooklyn Loves Bollywood
My Non Personhood Of 2009, 2010
SMS Power
Great To Meet Craig Newmark
This Week In Venture Capital: Gotham Gal
The Proverbial White Male
GroupOn's Legacy: Cute Email?
Two Upheavals Already
Having Mango Lassi: Do Not Disturb
Kiva Is In Nepal
Just Became A Cofounder
Tony Tsieh Could Have Been Richard Branson
How Wal-Mart Got Started
A Boulder Invitation From Brad Feld Himself
Played Farmville After Long Months
Getting To Meet Mark Suster In Person
Having Mango Lassi
2,000 Squats
A Social Graph For When Everyone Is Connected
Mike Yavonditte: An Hour Of Video
Technology And Social Justice
Owning Equity, Owning House
Grameen Miracles
Grameen Under Attack At Home
Is Square A Microfinance Company?
To You I Offer Buddhism And Yoga
To Catch A Dollar
Barack's Positivity
Rudiments Of A Corporate Culture
The Arab Revolutions And My Rethinks On Britain And France
Minority Majority Nation?
New York City
Is It A Bubble?
Gender Talk And Pragmatism
Caroline McCarthy On Gender
How To Pitch: The Rachel Sequoia Way
Jagdish Bhagwati: Misplaced Criticism Of Yunus
Multidisciplinary Approaches
Africa's Internet Strides
Alexis Ohanian: Angel Investor
The Institutions Of Globalization Will Be Built On The Internet
My Chrome Notebook Never Arrived
Happy World Water Day
Yunus Should Launch A Political Party
One Step Behind
Me @ CNN
The Two Poles Of My Social Reality
A Little Bit Of Untidyness, A Little Bit Of Randomness, A Little Bit of Chaos
Immigration Limbo
More Sam Walton Than Bill Gates
Rich Kids
Sean Parker, Billionaire, Was Really Poor Once
Blogging Works Wonders: Here's An Example
GroupOn, Zappos, And The Non Tech Components
GroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West
A Life Of Poverty
Bundling Investors
Mobile Phone Banking: Major Boon To The Last Mile Of Microfinance
Very Much Would Like To Go Into Bihar
Passion For Microfinance, Passion For Social Media
Walking/Running: Putting One Foot After The Other
Going High Tech: Selfish Reasons
Microfinance Alone Can't Cure Poverty
Focus, Focus, Focus
This Guy Jack Dorsey
The Kiva Story
Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn
Me: Author
Carpet Bombing Angels
My Failures
Indian Hurdle
Brooklyn And Santogold/Santigold
Bihar, Darbhanga
Twitter Is Amazing For Networking
In Foley Square A Libya Feeling
Incredible India
A Tweet From Someone Running For Congress
Hackers And Founders MeetUp: Amazing
Not Rich Yet
Like David Noel?
Michael Yavonditte: An Exemplary Entrepreneur/Investor
Just Because My Name Ends With An A
Black Buddhas: The Madhesis Of Nepal: Documentary
Social Media Is For Real
Advantage India, Disadvantage India
Top Discussion At A Top LinkedIn Microfinance Group
Raising Money, Building Teams
Rootlessness And The City
Microfinance: No Substitute For Good Governance
Aggressive Fundraising, Aggressive Recruiting
Microfinance, Not Just Microcredit
Having Kenya And Chinatown Thoughts
Revolutionary Poverty Alleviation
Microfinance: The Basics
When Zuck's Facebook Account Got Hacked
The Google/Facebook Of Microfinance
Leave Yunus Alone
Immigration Mess/Humiliation And Window Shopped Tech Entrepreneurship
Normal People Easy To Get Along With
Validation From Fred Wilson: Froth
Arab Focus, Microfinance Focus
50 Hours Into One Five Minute Pitch
Tweet Pitches To First World Women
2015: A Mobile Tech Company Will Storm The Room
Could You Have Predicted A Google In 1990?
The Entrepreneur Does Have A Boss
Who Owns The Company?
You Have To Be A Little Wild
Mark Zuckerberg Loves Union Square Ventures
Non Profit Microfinance Vs For Profit Microfinance: The Stupid Debate
Three Syllables
10,000 People In 10 Years
Immensely Excited
A Mini Bubble Burst In Three Years
Union Square Ventures: You Love Me, You Love Me Not
A Moment Of Despair
Slumdog Millionaire: A Movie About My People
The Early Stages
Third World Guy
Jack Dorsey Also Has A FinTech StartUp
250K Or 500K: How Much To Raise?
The Stink From The New York Times
My Tech Partners Sunil Madhu, Marty Monaco
Allen Paltrow: A Most Promising Princeton Freshman
So I Had A Shake Shack Burger
The Stink From India
Yunus On Loan Sharks
Nazrul Islam Chunnu: Motherfucker
Not Going Into Any Accelerator Program
My Third World Advantage
Who Hired You?
We Are Not Trying To Solve All The World's Problems
A FinTech StartUp With An Edge
Mock Pitching Brad
The Best Way To Deal With Venture Capitalists
Kiva And My Outfit: Three Major Departure Points
Going For Profit
Intrepid Woman Rachel Cook
Union Square Ventures: A Real Choice
The Gotham Gal
MLK Day Brunch With Jack In Philly
Chris, Come In At 50K
Hola Charlie, A 50K Opportunity
FinTech: I Am Loving The Term
General Assembly: Singing Praises
Fred, How About Some Money?
Microlending Film At Kickstarter
Whining Is Not The Word
Going To Kickstarter For My Microfinance StartUp
Microfinance: Cutting Edge Like Clean Tech, Bio Tech, Nano Tech
Wearing Black
Eric Schmidt's Cloud Computing And My IC Vision
You Don't Need Billions To Take Care Of Your Family
Microfinance: A Zero Trillion Dollar Industry
$160 Smartphone From India: No Contract, No Subsidy
The Day I Got Called Sean Parker
Number 52 In New York
Racism Caused Recession
Vinod Khosla's Entry Into New York City
Event At Hunch: Gender Talk (4)
Vinod Khosla: For Profit Poverty Alleviation
Google, Please Don't Be Evil
Leave Costa Rica Alone
The Microfinance Fishing Net
Engineering, Creativity, Sector Reform, Sector Revolution
I Am In Finance, Microfinance
Microfinance: The Next Big Thing?
Blog Carnival: Microfinance
Microfinance, Nanotech, Biotech, Software/Hardware/Connectivity
Seed Money


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