Event At Hunch: Gender Talk (4)

Hunch better resolutionImage via WikipediaSo I was at this event at the Hunch offices. Chris Dixon was hunched over a computer. Gosh, this was a while back. Grrls In Tech? No, this was Change The Ratio, a different gang.

"I wear the same outfit every day," Fred Wilson said.

At that point the fashion startup person sitting to my right simply collapsed. When she recovered later towards the end of the program, she started protesting.

"But that is what I have," she said. "I have a fashion startup."

To Fred's credit, I also wear the same outfit every day. But I wear fancy, I wear all black.

Looking forward to meeting Fred Wilson in person for the third time on Wednesday.

This TV, video thing could keep Fred busy for 10 years. It is only getting started. I believe the idea is to add web intelligence to all stages of video content creation and consumption. That is a full plate.

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