Immigration Mess/Humiliation And Window Shopped Tech Entrepreneurship

AVHRR satellite image of the 48 continguous st...Image via WikipediaOnly a few months back I got out of my immigration mess/humiliation. The immigration laws in this country are insane. They are racist. They make no logical, economic sense. They make no globalization sense. They make no internet sense. They make no 21st century sense.

I am not even fully out of it yet. But now I got a little bit of a legroom in these United fucking States. This fucking country. Thank God for the internet, or there would be no breathing room.

For a few years now I have gone from tech event to tech event like some guy whose startup never really took off. It has been humiliating to say the least. I know that is not who I am. I am as good as they come.

When you blog with the passion of a would be tech entrepreneur, it can feel like you are window shopping. You know what you want, but you can't get it, and in the mean time you just take a look. Fuck.

Some of this angst I am going to take out on some of the sorry folks who might end up competing with me down the road. At least you will know where I am coming from.

And to think the primitives who designed these racist immigration laws are not even around no more.
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