Wearing Black

I wear black. I should not have to explain.

Black is a beautiful color. I wear black. A certain shade of black, with a little shine on it.

Used to be sky blue, now it is black. I like black. It is an amazing color. It has depth.

I showed up in Kentucky with a tailor made suit from back home: brown.

But right now it is black. I like the color.

It also is about simplicity.

I have a few different black Brazil shirts that I wear at home on a few different days. Pele was God when I was growing up. He still is. Brazil is Mecca.

I wear black to express solidarity with my president Barack Obama. I wear black for him too. You have no idea. You have no idea what he means to me. All he ever needed to do was win in 2008, and win he did. He could have let the Great Depression happen, he might not have passed health care reform or Wall Street reform, and I would still have liked him just fine. The fact that he is destined for greatness makes it easier to like him, but that is not why I like him. (The Tea Party Is Getting America Talibanized)

I wear black. It feels good. It feels right. It feels warm.

When it comes to things like what you eat, what you wear, I like to keep it simple. Sticking to black keeps things simple. Eating right, eating healthy is about keeping it simple.

I cook. I wear black. I do freehand exercise. I drink water.

I could not wear a black tie. Or a black buttoned down shirt too often. But the rest I like. I like them black.

To you it is snow. To an Eskimo, there are many different flavors of snow. I wear black.

I am Blac, Black Latino Asian Coalition. Blac.
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I wear black.

I like it when I can roll the sleeves on my black jacket.

I like to mix things up. So it might be a dress jacket, but it is not dress pants. There is no tie. The tie is like a Masters degree: ridiculous.

My socks are white though. Black shoes and white socks go together.

Otherwise I wear black. I feel comfortable wearing black.
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