Three Syllables

The word Sanskrit in Devanagari scriptImage via WikipediaThe name of my company is going to have three syllables. I'd have preferred two syllables, but some of the obviously best ones have long been taken.

The name has to be three syllables, and it has to not mean anything. It can't be an obvious word in any language. Of course you might end up with a scenario where you come up with a word which you think has no meaning, but it has meaning in some obscure language somewhere. That would be fine. But I am going to start with a word that is just some sound.

The no meaning part is essential because I have global ambitions. Just like I am not launching my business in India, I am not giving it some kind of a hidden Sanskrit name either. A word with no meaning ends up having a universal identity.

I want a simple dot com domain. Not some dot net, or dot ly or one of those obscure domain names. Again, it is to do with having global ambitions. You want it simple and recognizable. And the dot com domain name is still the best symbol of the internet.

The name part is kind of important.
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