Not Going Into Any Accelerator Program

Y CombinatorImage via WikipediaThere is no accelerator program anywhere that will help me tackle the last mile in microfinance, the most important mile in my line of work. I have a FinTech startup, but it does not revolve around coding, it revolves around the last mile of microfinance.

Also, I can't think of one iconic tech company that came out of some accelerator program. You could argue accelerator programs are a new phenomenon, they have not had the time to spit out iconic companies yet, but accelerator programs are more for purely web tech companies. Mine is not one.

And mine is not a FinTech company trying to redo aspects of finance in a place like New York City.
Latin America and the CaribbeanImage via Wikipedia
Broadly speaking I am not getting into an accelerator program. A Y Combinator would not meet my needs.

On the other hand, I am going to be running accelerator programs myself in Latin America for my franchise owners. That I am very interested in.
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