Slow Down The Blogging

Blogging HeroesImage via WikipediaWork is picking up, and that might mean I might have to slow down the blogging a bit. But I don't want to. Blogging is working out for the mind, and it makes no sense for a knowledge worker to slow down on blogging.

But one post a day is the goal, and anything more is bonus. Or at least that is what I thought. I have been blogging several times a day for months now.

Blogging several times a day feels like this.

2000 Squats
Freehand Exercise: 1000 Push-Ups, 1000 Squats, 1000 Crunches

Some people have asked me, how do you make time for blogging? Implicit in that question is the suggestion that blogging is something you do on top of work. I don't see it that way. Blogging is part of my work. And, no, I don't mean AdSense peanuts. I mean blogging is like my online resume. My blog allows me to do a lot of work related socializing online. I have entered into credible conversations because I have an active blog.

Because I am an active blogger, I believe I am a more active reader of tech news.

Chris Dixon put it best during StartUp Week: "You have to blog, you have to tweet, that is the number one piece of advice."

Think about that. He calls it the number one thing to do as a tech entrepreneur.

The idea is not to slow down the blogging. The idea is to pack as much blogging in as possible. But if the pace goes down a little due to time considerations, I would not complain.
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