10,000 People In 10 Years

Retouched versions of this picture from the ge...Image via WikipediaI am going to have at least 10,000 people work for me in less than 10 years. I am a large scale group dynamics guy. I like large numbers of people.

Many, many atoms go to make one cell. Some people are cellular biologists, I am like that. That is why I so love revolutions, like the one that is going on in Egypt. I am a large scale group dynamics guy. That is my number one strength.

When I end up with 100,000 lenders and borrowers, at that point I am going to feel like we just launched. Because I like large numbers. But the truth is we expect to launch with 20 borrowers. Moving from 20 to 100,000 is some scaling. And I am excited at the prospects.

I can't wait to build the prototype of my business. I can't wait to scale it. Because after I scale it, I get to really, really scale it. And I am really, really excited about that really, really scaling it part. Because I like large numbers.
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