Kiva Is In Nepal

I have been looking for that first country to go into with my microfinance startup, and it is amazing how I have gone all over the world. And now I am thinking Nepal, the country where I grew up.

Having Kenya And Chinatown Thoughts

My nomad ways continue, (Brooklyn And Santogold/Santigold) and for the past few weeks I have been living in Jackson Heights. It has allowed me to rediscover Nepal. I have been bombarded by fellow Nepalis with business ideas. 2011 is Nepal Tourism Year, let's organize a block party, a street fest, let's shut off Jackson Heights for a day. Let's find investors for hydroelectricity projects in Nepal. A friend of mine has this two room office space in Jackson Heights, let's rent it and do something. I import marble, how do I get a 20K loan? I will pay back in three months.

Kiva is not in India, but it is in Nepal. India has this weird thing going on that you can't take outside money into the country.

Incredible India
Advantage India, Disadvantage India
Very Much Would Like To Go Into Bihar

Maybe Nepal is the first country I will go into. Maybe Nepal is where I will polish up my business model to then take across the Global South.

Just Became A Cofounder

Kiva in Nepal: A Field Visit from Chris Baker on Vimeo.

Kiva Nepal | Facebook

With Nepal, I have major advantages. I know the terrain.

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