Michael Yavonditte: An Exemplary Entrepreneur/Investor

If you don't have a Twitter handle, you are not in tech, period. You do not exist. You are a figment of my imagination. And a Twitter handle is so much easier to give out. And your Twitter page should allow for more in depth getting to know. Hashable knows all this.

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The Angel List: Michael Yavonditte
CrunchBase: Michael Yavonditte Mr. Yavonditte has a degree in Business and Political Science from Pace University in New York.
Quora: Michael Yavonditte

Battelle Media: July 2007: A Brief Interview with Michael Yavonditte, Quigo Quigo has perfected a relevancy algorithm that does AdSense one better - far better, to paraphrase his words. Quigo is focusing on picking off the high-brand-value publishers who use AdSense but are looking for a network solution that pays them more for what they believe is significantly better inventory than the lowest common denominator AdSense approach...... we create hyper-transparent marketplaces for each placement on each site..... On quality sites there will always be a pool of inventory that a publisher, with a sales force, can sell at high rates ...... Publishers that still sell through bi-lateral negotiation can, in many cases, do better. This is art and science colliding.
..... t publishers are seeing higher eCPMs using Quigo than with Google. ...... We have very solid eCPM's and feel like we can compete with anyone within the branded or premium segment.
Our results have gotten progressively better because of our relentless focus on yield optimization algorithms and some very craftly tweaks to our business model. We've pioneered the "art & science" of site-specific, page-specific auctions...... . We'd like for all premium and branded publishers to work with us, but it's not quite that easy. We compete with some of the fiercest and most sophisticated competitors in all of business. Breaking through takes time, effort and luck

TechCrunch: Let Me #Intro You To Hashable (2,000 Invites)
2007: AOL Buys Quigo (Confirmed)

New York Observer: CEO Mike Yavonditte Explains Why Hashable is Not Lame relationship-tracking company .... "That's sort of weird, or lame... Why would you check in on a person?"

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