Wow Technorati

See that spike in daily income from AdSense? Almost all of it is coming from Technorati on a lazy Sunday from just one article: Microsoft's Second Act?

It is the shortest of the few posts I have done for Technorati so far. And it brought me $12 in just one day. Wow. This is my best one day return on AdSense ever.

Just when my tech startup is taking off in a way that I don't really need to make money from blogging, my blogging is also taking off looks like.

Technorati is a Top 30 web property. The links that I send to my blog - this blog - from my posts at Technorati have already done wonders for the traffic to this blog. A few hundred are direct clicks, sure. But mostly those links make you look good with Google, and Google sends you traffic by showing you more often in search results.
Image representing Technorati as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase
Looking good, Technorati.

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Microsoft's Second Act?
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