Social Concentric Circles

1. Self
2. Family
3. Close friends, close relatives
4. Close colleagues
5. "Friends"/Acquaintances/Distant Relatives/Corporate Team Members In Large Organizations
6. Customers/Voters
7. Fans
8. Humanity

I drew this diagram years back perhaps early in 2005 right before I moved to NYC. I had it published at a few blogs of mine. But then I had two Google accounts. At one point Google suggested I merge my two AdSense accounts. I said okay. Next thing you know all my blogs associated with one account simply disappeared. That included a book I was working on. And there is not a number you can call. Google simply does not believe in customer service. All its stuff is automated, which works fine more than 99% of the time. But I still lost a lot of material.

I had the diagram saved on a desktop. But that computer died a few months back. Kids, don't drink tequila. I mean, get anti-virus.

So I just went ahead and redrew it. This is just one of many possible social concentric cirlces. There are people who live alternate lifestyles. There are people to whom some of the outer circles mean much more than some of the inner circles. Several circles might simply be absent for many people.

The thing is the volatility increases as you go to the outer circles.

The dark blue zone is the enemy zone. When you smoke, you are your own enemy. Friends can turn on you. There might be a Judas at the table. Customers might desert you. Fans might snatch your hair.

In a big city like New York, you are likely to end up with more circles. That is where the people being not nice talk comes from. These are people in outer circles you meet - asteroids - that you just don't meet in small towns.
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