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"Robin Hood Im Internet"
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When I read this article when it came out and blogged about it, I did not realize I was in the picture. I saw a Facebook status from someone else in the picture that made me realize I was in the picture. I looked. There I was. (Two Upheavals Already)

Manhattan’s Tech Start-Ups Settle in the Flatiron District and Chelsea

I remember the day they took this picture. My friend Brad Hargreaves who runs the place - General Assembly, the best coworking space in town - walked over to tell me: "The New York Times is here!"

"I was reading The Economist! Makes me look smart, right Brad?" I said.

Well, they put out a blog post about it, and my picture was not in there. And I blogged out loud saying they filed away the picture of me. I was, of course, kidding. I have some idea of how this works. They take many, many pictures and use one. Ends up they did file it away for later use.

This would be my first time making it to the New York Times. I am going to share this with my family. Although - hold your breath - I think I might show up in the New York Times in a few weeks in my own right, in the body of an article. I got interviewed over the phone. When the journalist asked if I lived in the city, I for a moment thought she might demand I show up in person if I wanted to get featured in the New York Times. I can't say what the article will be about. It might not even make it. Writers have editors. But it's not about my startups. All I am personally hoping for is a link to the blog post of mine that inspired the whole article in the first place. You get a link to your blog from the New York Times and that jacks up your blog's traffic. This blog is already approaching 2K daily.

General Assembly: A Floor, A Building, A City Block
Paul Orlando In The New York Times

Don't tell them, but the way I read my New York Times articles is I come across an article, and I search for the title of that article on Twitter, and when you click over from there, the article is free. Is this how people steal movies and music online?

I am a huge fan of the New York Times. I absolutely love their font, which is the font I use at my blogs: Georgia. I also really like the Facebook font.

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