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Slumdog Millionaire (soundtrack)Image via WikipediaA discussion I started a week ago (and kinda forgot about) at a LinkedIn group with over 1200 members has become the top discussion at that group. The group is Microfinance Focus. This activity has made me take a serious look at LinkedIn for the first time. This thing is working, yo.

This has also made me look at India all over again. India was the country I started with in terms of where I wanted to go. But I was advised that the Indian government makes it very hard to bring money into the country. It is much better to start with some middle income country in Latin America. So I am thinking Costa Rica, more recently Paraguay. Much more recently I have been thinking Kenya. But I have had this gnawing feeling that a Bihari needs to be thinking Bihar.

Slumdog Millionaire: A Movie About My People

There is a lot of work you can do for me if you can come online. That work I am very comfortable taking to India. Like very. But I am also acutely aware of the limitations.

A few people that have responded are in New York City. I am eager to meet them.

I am in the process of raising money. I am in the process of building a team.
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Raising Money, Building Teams

I am disagreeing with Fred Wilson on this one. I think building a team is super easy.

10000 People In 10 Years
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