General Assembly: Singing Praises

Charlie O'Donnell tricked me into it. After the snowball fight ended, he lead a group of us to the General Assembly. I had never heard of the place before.

"Is this your office, Charlie?" I asked.

Charlie said no. His office was in Union Square. Then the name General Assembly was dropped. Then the idea of shared spaces. And I am like, I just came across the first incubator space that I like in the city.

What got me was the big open space they have in the middle. Otherwise every other space I have been to - truth be told, I have been to a total of two so far, and only because I was attending events - has looked cramped.

Then Shane Snow dropped the name Yipit. Yipit was there. That got me excited. I like Yipit. I like the Yipit guys.

Then I went home and forgot about it.

Then I got to meet the guy who is now my lead techie. And over a five hour working lunch, somewhere along the way, he casually dropped the name General Assembly. He also dropped the name Brad Hargreaves.

"Yeah, I know Brad. Of course I know Brad," I said.
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But at that point I did not see the connection.

Well, my techie went ahead and raised 850K for his own gaming startup in the mean time. And now his gaming startup is in General Assembly, which is where I think we will be having our first "Five Slides Meeting" on Friday.

So today I googled up General Assembly. I learned two things.

Brad Hargreaves has a blog, a great blog. And that he is the guy behind General Assembly. Go figure. And I have known Brad for months now.

I am a rebel of sorts. I rebel against the idea of office space. I have never had a job. You know, one of those where you wear a tie, show up at eight in the morning, grind your way to five in the evening. I have not done that.

I am at some level opposed to the idea of office space.

And I like the Larry Ellison thing where you do get office space, but you are in and out at random. That is my idea of being the top guy. You are in and out. Working from home is also a good option. Working lunches are a good idea.

But I was taken by that big open space that General Assembly has. My startup is going to get office space at the first available opportunity. And it is going to be General Assembly very likely.

I like the name, it is not the UN Security Council, it is the UN General Assembly. I like that.

At $400 a month, it's a steal.
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