Union Square Ventures: A Real Choice

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Union Square Ventures: The Opportunity Fund: For entrepreneurs, this means that if you are leveraging the economics of Internet-based networks to transform some aspect of the global economy, Union Square Ventures can be a partner, whether you are just launching your service, funding rapid growth, or spinning your business out of a larger entity. We can work with you if you need $250,000 or $25,000,000. We can invest in New York, San Francisco, London, or Berlin, and most places in between. We hope you'll think of USV as stage-agnostic, highly-focused investors who can add value to your company.
Fred Wilson is my favorite solo blogger. I drop by his blog most days. The days I can't, I drop by the following day and catch up on the missed posts. When I drop by, I leave a short comment. I was here!

When he travels, I drop by The Gotham Gal's blog. Fred, sorry to say, is kinda a lousy travel blogger. Jeff Jarvis says, writer what you write best, and link to the rest. Fred takes that to heart when traveling. He
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But then you don't want to approach him and say, you are my favorite solo blogger, so give me money. This paragraph by Fred tells me I am not off the mark. USV is a legitimate option for someone like me. I am "just launching," and I need something like "$250,000." And I am in "New York."

We are going to have "deeply engaged users." We intend to "transform" a key segment of "the global economy."

Heck, to me it feels like this blog post was written with me and me alone in mind.
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Working on a slide deck as we speak. Five slides.

To enhance my chances I think I am going to get to know Brad Burnham as well. I know Fred. I know Albert. Brad has eluded me so far. Scott Heiferman, do you do intros? Are you on Hashable?
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