Brazil: Rio de Janeiro: Videos (2)
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro: Videos
Brazil: Sao Paulo: Videos (2)
Brazil: Sao Paulo: Videos
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Brazil: Economy: Not South Korea Brazil has come a long way, but Brazil still has a long way to go. $10,000 per capita income is not $20,000, it is not $30,000.

Brazil: Economy: Paving The Way There are no poor countries. There are only mismanaged countries. Brazil has paved the way. Brazil has become a leader by setting an example.

Brazil: Economy: Amazon And Biotech Biotech is one of the next big things. I can't imagine that global biotech industry truly taking off if the Amazon is not kept intact. The global biotech industry has to pay to keep the Amazon intact.

Brazil: The Amazon Rainforest: Videos (3)
Brazil: The Amazon Rainforest: Videos (2)
Brazil: The Amazon Rainforest: Videos
Brazil: The Amazon Forest: Photos

Brazil: The Landscape The Amazon rainforest is the most well known geographical feature of Brazil's landscape.

Brazil: Historically Speaking Most Brazilians are of mixed heritage like in few other places.

Brazil: The Largeness Of A Country But there comes a time in a poor country's life when it still has millions of poor, but it has managed to give rise to a large global class that competes globally on global terms.

Brazil: Economic Turnaround Brazil is already at a point where it can dream of the cutting edge industries of today and the bleeding edge industries of tomorrow while chewing gum - eliminating poverty - at the same time. It is not one or the other. You have to do both.


Brazil And Twitter I see a connection between Lula's presidency and Brazil's arrival on the world stage and Twitter's rise in Brazil.

Brazil: Lula Lula has proven to be the master of the ultimate soft skill. That is why he has proven to be a tremendous negotiator. He is a courageous man who has known not to posture, but instead to get things done.

Brazil 2014 Lula's presidency has been a ray of hope to the world's poor.

Brazil's Lula Lula reminds me of my own Laloo. Laloo was also a self described "man of the people." It is India's misfortune that Laloo is no longer Railway Minister.

Brazil On Orkut What explains Orkut's wild popularity in Brazil?

Brazil On Twitter Twitter is simple technology. It is egalitarian. Anyone can tweet, pretty much. In that way Twitter is the ultimate two way media. And that speaks to the historically powerless.

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