250K Or 500K: How Much To Raise?

Union Square Ventures logoImage via WikipediaI am in mind to raise 250K from Union Square Ventures. That would be my first choice. I can guarantee you I can get Fred Wilson to give me 15 minutes of his time any day for me to able to pitch him. That much I know. But the deal is up in the air. I am not going to assume it will happen. That part is not in my control. What is in my control is I am going to leave no stone unturned to get him. My part is in my control.
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Another idea that is being floated by some people on my team is that I raise 500K, but without giving equity. It would be like I get 500K, and in my next round - which could happen in as little as six months - I give that money a 600K valuation. I would be very open to that.

But the point you don't want to miss is this: I'd really, really, really like to have Fred Wilson on my Board. If I had the money I'd give Union Square Ventures 250,000 dollars for them to let me have Fred Wilson on my Board. That is how bad my situation is. I am flabbergasted at the possibility that Union Square Ventures might give me 250,000 dollars a-n-d Fred Wilson. That would be like having my cake and eating it too. Blows my mind.

You can scale better, faster with 500K than you can at 250K, of course. And my company is going to start generating revenues and profits rights away. This is a finance company, after all. A finance company deals with money. I expect to see millions in profits my first year. That is a sound company. The fundamentals are looking really strong.
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