Going To Kickstarter For My Microfinance StartUp

Vinod KhoslaImage via WikipediaSome of my friends have been urging me to go to Kickstarter to raise the first 100K that I need to raise for my microfinance startup, a for profit, high tech proposition. And I am getting excited by the day about the idea. Actually I think I am going to go ahead and do it.

With this 100K I should be able to do enough work to be able to raise a few million dollars from the microfinance fund that Vinod Khosla is working to set up.

I know Kickstarter best for Diaspora. I believe Diaspora also raised 100K - it might have been 200K - when Facebook was mired in a major privacy controversy.

My microfinance startup is way more promising than Diaspora. I am not even in the same league.

One other implication of working towards a startup has been that some of my blogging has gone private. I like to send out what I call blog post mails to my small team. They look like blog posts, but they are private, and they show up in your inbox in the form of a web address.

Kickstarter has been more associated with artwork and music and such stuff. But hey, if Diaspora fit in, my startup fits in.

Update: Kickstarter perhaps is not the place.
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You don't make it easy to find the website for your startup. I can't remember what the link is. You should have it at the top of your blog or something.
See top left link: Microfinance. But you have a point. I need another more specific link.