Immensely Excited

By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007. Lambda rep...Image via WikipediaI am so very immensely excited with my startup.

Some people complain of the work environment of a big corporation, start a company, and their behavior will tell you they long for the big corporation.

You have to be excited, you have to stay excited. You have to get excited when you hit a wall, you have to stay excited when you get over it. Why would you get excited when you hit a wall? Because, well, what were you expecting? If you did not expect to hit walls, you were not expecting right.

At this stage with my startup it feels like I am getting to watch the formation of the DNA. It is an amazing feeling. I have a small team. We are making steady progress.

Soon I expect to speed things up.

I am really liking it that we could launch for very little. I am really liking it that we will start generating revenues almost right away. I am really liking that. I am liking the immense human component of my business model. Suddenly I will get to party with a purpose. The more people you talk to, the better you get at it.

I intend to blog as I go along. I intend to have fun. I intend to crack jokes along the way. I think I just cracked one at Fred Wilson's expense. I am loving it.

The idea is to create the loop - raise money, lend out, collect monthly payments - and scale it. And add technology every step of the way. Interesting things start happening at large scales.

I am excited. I am immensely excited.

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