2015: A Mobile Tech Company Will Storm The Room

iPhone 4 - Ese maldito puntoImage by Emiliano Elias via FlickrYou did not foresee Netscape in 1990, or Google in 1995, you did not foresee Facebook in 2000. I have a feeling there will be a similarly monumental mobile tech company that will enter the scene around 2015. It is hard to predict what shape or form it will take. It is even harder to locate the founder. But she/he will sure worth be betting on, even if you can only come into her round two, or round three. But such visionaries are hard to locate even when they have already entered round three.

Over time I am going to try and foresee the details of such a company. But I admit right now I have no clue. Broad generalizations don't count. But let me take a crack at the situation.

It will be a company that will assume almost every human being on the planet has a smartphone. Not everyone has to have one gigabyte per second kind of connection as long as they tell you who they are, what they want, and where they are. Almost every human being is constantly consuming content, creating content. Everyone is constantly voting. The smartphone is not your primitive iPhone 4. The smartphone of 2015 will be multiple times more powerful than your laptop today. It will be functional. You will not think of it as a Mini Me. For most people it is their only computer. Just like people have simply ditched their landlines, by 2015 many will have ditched their laptops and tablets altogether.

And so this company will make your smartphone your primary contact point to the ubiquitous web. It handles all your communication needs and well. It handles all your content needs and well.

But that will be the smartphone. What will this particular company do? It will not build the smartphone. It will not be the one that takes you online. It will be an app, a website. Something.

What will that app do? It could be your ultimate digital assistant. You would not need a secretary in the office. What makes this digital assistant stand out is it is your assistant to your online life, your primary life.

That is one thought. But I could be completely wrong. I am going to play safe and admit I have no clue. All I am sticking to is the suggestion that a mobile tech company will show up around 2015 that will attain the heights of a Facebook or a Google. It will become central to your smartphone experience.

2011-2015: A Mobile Stretch
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