Twitter Is Amazing For Networking

Twitter logo initialImage via WikipediaTwitter is absolutely the best tool out there for networking. Because it is so low pressure. There is much power in 140 characters.

You do have to know the kind of people you are looking for. In my case I am looking for angel investors. There is The Angel List that everyone knows about. Recently I created one called NYC Angels.

You try to enter into the conversation. Once you locate the herd where you want to hunt, you start replying to tweets. You read articles people have tweeted, and you write back your comments. Most of the time you will get ignored. The fish don't bite. And that's okay.

But I got one big shot to agree to meet me. And I am in talks with another with whom by now I have moved over to email. There is rapport.

And it is not just about angels, it is not just about business. Yesterday I got into a major conversation with someone I had been seeing a long time on Tumblr. Now we know each other. He is out of the country for now, but when he is back in town, we might meet. That entrepreneur to entrepreneur reach out is important.
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