GroupOn, Zappos, And The Non Tech Components

Texas Longhorn bull during South by Southwest ...Image by David Berkowitz via FlickrGroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West

I dig these two companies for their emphasis on non tech components. Zappos does not sell shoes, it sells phone calls. The emphasis is on customer service. Tony has told his people, talk to the customers for as long as they will talk to you.

GroupOn has boots on the ground. That army of sales people is integral to how GroupOn rolls.

Some of the best tech companies this coming decade will be companies that had great tech offerings, but primarily focused on non tech aspects of their offerings, and excelled at them.

The customers have not become computers and robots, and that part will stay. It is still people who make the spending decisions. It only
Groupon logo.Image via Wikipediamakes business sense to focus on those people.

Never underestimate the offline world. And it is not like Zappos uses fancy phones. Any old phone would do. It is in that human voice. Talk to people. Make time to listen to what they have to say. Be respectful of body language.

A lot of the so called lost jobs will see new life because of this tendency. The service sector has great days ahead.
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High tech rules. High touch rules even more.
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