Incredible India

"I want to be a truck when I grow up."

"This shop is owned by a thief."

"Cold water, newspaper, and phone free for those who ride this auto."
"This auto driver was honored by the Minister of Transportation."

"A 50 rupee fine for those who puke in this restaurant. The waiter's service fee is extra. You yourself are responsible for the safe keeping of your luggage."

"Incredibly cold beer."

"Life is a pain, but I am still proud."

"Please do not distribute knowledge here. Everyone here is knowledgeable."

"A five rupee charge for asking for directions. A 10 rupee charge to take you there."

(Via my childhood best friend Rajesh Gupta, now in Augusta, Georgia. He came to the US in the early 2000s on a Diversity Visa lottery thing. He and his Punjabi wife are both engineers.)


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