Very Much Would Like To Go Into Bihar

A schematic map of the Indian Railway networkImage via WikipediaI just sent an email to my top microfinance contact in India asking her to look into the "license to transact debt capital cross border" thing that Matt Flannery, one of the founders of Kiva, has raised in a Quora thread.

This is someone I am going to get onto my team. She will telecommute. She has four plus years of experience in microfinance in India in the Chennai region. This has been a good catch.

It is not like I am never going into India. And so if I am eventually going into India, how would I do that? And if I will do those things then, why will I not do those same things now?

I'd be very willing to lobby top politicians in Patna and Delhi as necessary. The Indian government just put tens of millions into microfinance. My message is, take that money and build schools, hospitals, roads. Let someone like me bring money from outside to put into microfinance.

The basic tech work also I am going to get done in India. The first few versions of my site are designed to be dead simple, on purpose. The idea is to collect money, $100 at a time.
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Gramyasheel said…
I will invite you to visit our organization working in North Bihar. Targetting Mithilanchal strongly.
That's amazing. Let's talk.

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