The Proverbial White Male

I don't know if you have ever visited my blogroll, but it is a mouthful. It is the most elaborate, comprehensive blogroll of any I have visited. And because it is so elaborate and encyclopedic, I have had sections. That has not been good enough, and so I have had at the top a section called A1. Even that became a little too elaborate. So I just made a much shorter list called This Just In. These are people whose every blog post I want to read as soon as they come out, and preferably comment on them as well.

Third World Guy
The Arab Revolutions And My Rethinks On Britain And France
Minority Majority Nation?
To You I Offer Buddhism And Yoga
Social Media Is For Real
Obama 2012 Is On
New York City
Rootlessness And The City

I made the list. It is short. Every single person on the list is the proverbial white male. What's wrong in the picture? It also bothers me that most are VCs. I wish it were mostly entrepreneurs. But the best entrepreneurs don't blog. Some good ones do. And there are some out there who I just have not come across yet. Please suggest names.

But I do have a section called Entrepreneurs at my blogroll.

Getting To Meet Mark Suster In Person
A Boulder Invitation From Brad Feld Himself

Here is the list of my proverbial white males.

Fred Wilson, VC
Chris Dixon, entrepreneur/investor
Robert Scoble, social media
Brad Feld, former entrepreneur, current VC
Mark Suster, former entrepreneur, current VC
Ben Horowitz, former entrepreneur, current VC
Brad Hargreaves, coworking space
Vin Vacanti, entrepreneur

Really, which are the best entrepreneur blogs out there?

I feel like I rediscovered Chris Dixon on Thursday: I sat in the front row in the middle, he was on the panel in the middle, it was like we were sitting face to face. I now feel the need to pay as close attention to his blog as I do to Fred Wilson's blog. He is an entrepreneur by the day, and he is a super angel, and he is excellent at both. And he is a New Yorker. And he is a nice guy. I have met him. So, Chris, get ready to read a bunch of my comments at your blog.

Chris Dixon Just Impressed Me Like Never Before
Nuggets From The Paulson Auditorium
Owning Equity, Owning House
StartUp Week: Final Event: Biggest Event?
Future Of The Internet: Easy, Says Dixon
Greplin: The First Y Combinator Company To Get Me Excited
Top VC Bloggers: The Numbers Don't Look Right
Chris Dixon: A New Breed Early Stage Investor
Event At Hunch: Angel, Super Angel, VC
Venture Capital Segmentation
Patrick Chen's Entrepreneur Exchange Summit
Data Threesomes
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