Jack Dorsey Also Has A FinTech StartUp

Jack DorseyImage by Joi via FlickrGreat minds think alike. I have a FinTech startup. Jack Dorsey also has a FinTech startup. Square is a FinTech startup. But my FinTech startup is going to be bigger than Jack Dorsey's. I am giving Jack Dorsey five years to prove otherwise.

I am not making this up, but I thought of something like Twitter about six years before it actually showed up. I was thinking, there has to be a way for celebrities to interact directly with the fans. But I was not thinking 140 characters.

I also had Facebook like thoughts before the Twitter like thoughts. I was thinking, people should be able to create real identities around real names, and they should be able to carry it around as they move around on the web. Facebook Connect anybody?
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Anonymous said…
they executed. you didn't. many shared the idea for a facebook or a twitter. ideas are worthless.
I never meant to execute. My Twitter/Facebook "ideas" were at those early morning dream stages that if you don't write down first thing, you lose them. They were not even fleshed out, so nowhere even remotely close to execution.

But it is not true ideas are worthless. Big, old, unsexy companies execute all the time.

This time though I am on the runway. I got a FinTech startup. Watch out.

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