The Day I Got Called Sean Parker

So I am at this NY Tech MeetUp after party last month, feeling fresh - I had skipped the presentations, and gone straight to the after party; presentations are work! - working the room, outenergying most, saying hello, and next. And I shake this guy's hand after approaching him, and he says he has seen me at Fred Wilson's blog.

"It is so great to meet you in person finally," he says.

"You make it sound like I was Fred Wilson," I say to try and squeeze some laughter out of the situation. Houston, we had a situation on our hands. (Did Not Meet Fred Wilson, But Met Mazy Dar)

"Sean Parker!" he says. The guy calls me Sean Parker. Yeah, t-h-a-t Sean Parker of the movie fame.

A white guy I never saw before or since called me Sean Parker.

I am going on the record to say I am just fine with white guys.

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