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Official Google Enterprise Blog: Bringing 100% web to the world of Google Earth and Google Maps: At Google we’re committed to opening up our cloud infrastructure so that others can benefit from our enormous computational power. Today I’m going to share some exciting details on our plans to make our cloud technology available for processing and serving geospatial data...... Google Earth and Google Maps have given people the ability to easily view rich geographic information from desktop or mobile devices. Google Earth helps us understand the effects of climate change on our ecosystem, Street View provides a panorama of our neighborhoods ...... Constant Innovation: just refresh the browser for the latest features ..... shapefiles of demographic data, spreadsheets of worldwide customer locations and files of your recently acquired imagery for a new development ..... Google Earth has more than 700 million downloads. We hope that more people can use Google Earth Builder to make better location-related decisions within business and government
The day Google Earth first came out, I downloaded it and had an amazing, amazing day roaming the Himalayas and vast expanses of Russia. It was a mind blowing experience. I was like wow.

Google Earth: A House Is A House Is A House

I checked out my homevillage in Nepal. And my hometown not far away from there. I could see my houses. It was dazzling.

I think you could go on a serious world tour through Google Earth and Google Maps Street View, no?

I have been everywhere in America, and I want to have been all over the world. It is no coincidence I have a global business in mind. But right now, and for a few years, I am in the New York City phase of my life. This is my time to get to really know the city, all its neighborhoods, and to get the company up and running. And in this phase my global travels will have to be through Google Earth. That is before the company takes me to the spans of the globe.

Thank you Google Earth. Thank you Google Street View.

Geography is a lot of data.

Here, go do some touring. I just visited one city.
ReadWriteWeb: Google Earth Builder: Managing & Mapping Companies' Geo-Data: The new product will let companies upload, process and store their geospatial data in the Google cloud. As it utilizes the popular Google Maps and Google Earth tools, Earth Builder will enable users to share and publish mapping data without requiring any technical expertise or GIS training. ...... likely to be incredibly lucrative. Google Earth Builder could provide a cloud-based alternative to many of the GIS software packages already on the market. The new package, which will officially launch this summer, will be priced "competitively" with similar software offerings already on the market. ..... Not only will companies be able to store massive amounts of data ("terabytes of imagery," in Google's words), but they'll have access to the computational power of Google's cloud as well.
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