Blogging Works Wonders: Here's An Example

Madhubani (Mithila) paintingImage by Newton Free Library via FlickrSo I put out this blog post yesterday. Yes-ter-day.

Very Much Would Like To Go Into Bihar

And someone left a comment a few minutes back. Here's a team that is already doing microfinance in the part of the world that is of greatest interest to me: Mithilanchal in Bihar. Mithilanchal is two words, just like Paramendra is two words. Mithila + Anchal (Zone) = Mithilanchal. Param (The Great) + Indra (King of all the 300 million gods and goddesses in the Hindu mythology) = Paramendra.

This is their contact info I found at their site.

Gandhi Path (Behind Jail)
Supaul, Bihar 852131
ph: +91-6473-225739
fax: +91-6473-225739

I know that a postman in Bihar would know to deliver a letter if this was the address on the envelope. Behind Jail!
Janaki Temple - Full ViewImage by askmeaks via FlickrMithilaImage by Arun Katiyar via Flickr
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