Having Kenya And Chinatown Thoughts

Coat of arms of KenyaImage via WikipediaMy startup is not even officially launched yet, and we already just went through a major reorganization. Some early people parted ways. I am blaming it on too much partying. A lot of early Facebook people left saying it is not easy to have a friend for boss.

I am now in touch with a major social media talent.

"The best people you can recruit are already working for someone else."
- Sam Walton

I started out with India thoughts. I got nudged towards Latin America. You have to start out in a middle income country first was the suggestion. I said okay. But now, with the reorganization, I got a clean slate all over again. And I find myself thinking Kenya.

Africa is the continent most in need. Mobile phone banking has taken off in Kenya like in few other places. And that element - mobile phone banking - is key to some of how I wish to tackle the last mile of my business.

And I am not going to lie to you about my Obama connection. I suffered for the guy.

And I know someone with field experience in Kenya who I might be able to rope in part time.

I intend to learn Scala, Spanish and Swahili, but with Kenya English works. That is a plus for me.

And I have been working my contacts ropeline to find me a great woman CTO type. You can't be a tech startup and just have tech partners. You need an in house tech team.

I am not big on the idea of getting office space. I have never had one of those wear a tie and show up at the office eight in the morning type jobs. But I guess at some point you do have to get an office, right?

For that I am having Chinatown thoughts. I would want super high speed internet access. I would want a big, open space. A lot of natural light, if possible. Cheap. That is important: cheap.

I really like Chinatown. It just might be my favorite part of Manhattan.
Yokohama Chinatown.Image via Wikipedia
If Obama is a factor in Kenya, dumplings are a factor in Chinatown. I want to steam my own. I want to make my own sauce.
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