Mock Pitching Brad

Tomorrow, Friday, at noon I will be mock pitching my friend Brad Hargreaves at General Assembly: five slides, five minutes. I am going to conclude by yelling, "Brad, show me the moneeeeeey!" Or maybe I will not yell, he is a friend, but I w-i-l-l deliver the line.

Why did I pick Brad? Well, he is a friend. He is an amazing blogger. He "gets" tech. He is an entrepreneur at heart, although he has worn a few different hats along the way. When I first met him he was an Entrepreneur In Residence at a VC firm.

Also, my two tech partners rent out office space at General Assembly, run by Brad. So the location works perfect.

Brad's name rhymes with Fred's. The idea is to pitch Fred for 250K, but I want to rehearse a few times before I pitch Fred.

A farmer invited some friends over for dinner. The guests noticed the family dog was walking around on three legs. What happened to the fourth leg, they asked. The farmer relayed the story of how one day his house was on fire, and the family dog helped save the life of the farmer's young son.

"A dog like that you don't eat all at once," the farmer said.
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