Bihar, Darbhanga

Map of BiharImage via WikipediaI am increasingly thinking in terms of India. More specifically the great state of Bihar. Specifically my birthtown of Darbhanga. I am thinking in terms of Darbhanga as the place I want to start with.

I know the terrain. I know the state language, the national language, the local languages.

India has been the largest microfinance market in the world. Bihar is India's poorest state.

But I need to do my homework first.

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The recent pre-launch upheaval on my startup team has had one great fallout. Now I am thinking Bihar, not Paraguay, as the first market to step into. Even Kenya might have to wait. Kenya has Obama. The dude should do something for Kenya. I will go into Kenya, but later.

I could take the company IPO based just on Bihar. It is such a huge market all on its own. In terms of population, Bihar is bigger than France. You did not know that, did you?

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A microfinance professional with four plus years of experience in Chennai who responded to a posting by me at a LinkedIn group has suggested Indian banks are required to put in a portion of their money into microfinance, but that does not mean outside money is not welcome. I will have to look into this.

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