SMS Power

This is really, really powerful to me. This is a small example. But this has huge implications.

If you still doubt GroupMe's potential, just watch this video.

This means you don't need elaborate internet connections to have a really, really smart phone. You can have a smart phone based just on SMS. And SMS is everywhere already.

This has huge implications for the Global South.

It is like people in the rich west don't have to own huge datacenters to be able to access magical things like Google search.

Now we know people in the Global South do not need to have full fledged internet access to be able to conduct pretty complex transactions.

I think we are about to see a whole new era of SMS based startups. These will be global operations.

The best services will operate at all levels. As in, you can interact with it if all you have is a SMS phone. But you can also interact with it if you have something like an iPhone. And you can also interact with it on your tablet, or laptop on a full fledged browser.

The SMS is a power zone.
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