50 Hours Into One Five Minute Pitch

I might have a major pitch/presentation to make some time next week. And I think I will be putting about 50 hours of work into it. A lot of it will be bifurcated blogging. When I talk about the state of the global microfinance industry, that is a public blog post. But then the DNA formation that is taking place for my startup, that is stuff for my private blog.

There is also the no small matter of having a slide deck. I am not a huge fan of PowerPoint presentations. You can pack more into one blog post than you can into 50 slides. But slides have their place. And people still ask for them. So what I have come up with is a hybrid model. You get a slide deck, some words and phrases there link to some of my blog posts.

And you can make slides visually appealing. I like that part. It feels like playing with water.

I already have a public four slide deck. I think now I am going to work on a private deck that might be 10 or even 20 slides.

And the key part is the actual presentation. I need to really work on that. I need to rehearse many times. I need to work on the delivery.
New Orleans, LA, August 31, 2008 -- Governor B...Image via WikipediaI tend to speak faster than Bobby Jindal. Sometimes that does not go all that well.

In that department also I am tempted by thoughts of video blogging. I did not make it into the movies, but I intend to become an avid video blogger.
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