PayCheckr: Not Dead Yet

On the PayCheckr team I have felt like Ben Affleck in Armageddon. These dudes, some of them, can talk like they are past retirement age. One member of the team actually died last year. PayCheckr itself has died a few deaths. And it came back from the dead today, not for the first time. A few different times I have moved PayCheckr to the past section of my LinkedIn page. And I have had to bring it right back to the current section. Something tells me this time it might be for real.

The blogosphere collectively is bigger than Facebook just like the Chinese restaurants in America (Social/New Media: Blurry Lines) collectively are bigger than any fast food chain. And the PayCheckr button could find itself a sweet spot. But oh, can these dudes fight? There is something called a cat fight. I am looking for a term for fights among old white men. Bulldog fight?

It looks really good on my resume that I am a Board Member to PayCheckr. I still have a piece of paper that says I own 3% of the company. And only a few days back I left a comment to a Fred Wilson blog post called Worthless Stock Certificates. Well, worthless no more.
I have one from last year that says I own 3% of a company for "advising." The thing is history, but I keep the certificate for the art work on it. I remember Kozmo vividly. A high school friend of mine from Kathmandu was a top finance dude on the team. Nuru Lama. Personally knows Edmund Hillary, one of the first two to climb Everest. Wait, is Hillary still alive?

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