Kristina Hoke

This was when I was roaming the political circles of this city. I was the only Nepali in America doing full time work for Nepal's democracy movement. And I got some juice out of going to political events in the city. One organization on my list was Manhattan Young Democrats. Kristina Hoke was running the show.

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She was razor sharp smart. She was out there. She was friendly. She was a doctor. She had sound political instincts. There are Young Democrats chapters all over the country. Under her leadership the Manhattan chapter got recognized the top chapter.

Way To Go Christina

And so I am at this event. This was a chapter meeting. Kristina was to speak, and then open the floor to questions. And there was this guy who kept interrupting every minute or two as she spoke, more like every 30 seconds. How would you like to come with me? I am on Roosevelt Island.

It felt like blatant sexism. I mean, the woman is out in the front, in the middle of her speech. A lot of people in the room were acquaintances from having gone to many events together. I had even seen the guy at a few events. She knew his name.

The guy had body hair come out of three nostrils. He had the ugliest beer belly within a few blocks. His shirt was hanging from his back. It was so obvious he had a thick head. That was perhaps his most obvious feature. And if he had any natural sense of belonging with the white males of the world, I had not seen that when I had seen him at other events.

But he was busy trying to prove the dumbest white guy in the room was still above the smartest woman in the room in some kind of a twisted hierarchy because he was a white guy maybe?

Is It About Women?

Slapping him would have been illegal. But I regret not having spoken up at the risk of becoming the second male to interrupt her speech.

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