GroupOn's Legacy: Cute Email?

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BusinessWeek: This Tech Bubble Is Different: Groupon, which e-mails coupons to people, may be the fastest-growing company of all time. Its revenue could hit $4 billion this year, up from $750 million last year, and the startup has reached a valuation of $25 billion. Its technological legacy is cute e-mail.
GroupOn is a great example of a company that has used fairly simple technology to build an amazing company. The wealth GroupOn has create is very legitimate.

And you thought the inbox had gone stale. For most people their inbox is still their most prized web possession.

But it's not even the inbox. GruopOn has hired thousands of salespeople. The action is not on the computer screen. It is offline. It is in face time.

GroupOn is my idea of a tech company. My company is also going to put its primary emphasis on High Touch, on face time. High tech is simply going to be an enabler.

"Hybrid" companies like GroupOn will create the jobs we need. Those salespeople have old economy skills that are suddenly in high demand, thanks to GroupOn's smart use of simple technology.

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