Brooklyn And Santogold/Santigold

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Barack almost took Brooklyn during the February 2008 primary. Things were looking so bad before the primary day, Congressman Weiner urged Hillary to make an appearance in Brooklyn, and she did.

I moved to New York City summer of 2005 and placed myself in the smack center of the borough.

I have walked everywhere in Brooklyn, and not just during broad daylight. I have walked every inch of Prospect Park. I lived nearby. It was a three storey house, all Estonians, and one me. Why me? Why me? I asked the Jewish landlord. Because I like you, he said simply. I found the place on Craig's List.

The national primary ended and the authorities rudely kicked me out a few days before in June 2008.

I did have a gun. A plastic gun I bought at a Walmart in Ohio long before I decided to move to the city. It came with plastic pellets. I liked to do some target practice on the paper target the gun came with. The gun was fake, plastic, orange, but the right weight.

Guns Of Brooklyn: Santogold

I have been in Little Nepal since. It is on the Brooklyn/Queens border. I used to have my own place. But a drug addict who responded to a Craig's List ad to sublet a room started misbehaving after a few months, and I lost the place. White guy. I simply gave notice to the landlord and left. One day the knives in the kitchen disappeared, and I decided to keep staying would be to push it.

For the past few months I have not even bothered getting my own place. I have been living at other people's places as a paying guest. Two days here, a few weeks there, four months one place, my current place I have been less than a month.

Did I tell you I speak fluent Nepali?

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