Played Farmville After Long Months

Image representing Mark Pincus as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBaseI think it has been almost a year. I stopped after the game started acting funny. It simply would not load for me. Anu Shukla could not understand. She thought maybe my blogging stole me from Farmville. My conspiracy theory was that Mark Pincus was personally punishing me for having taken credit for an idea.

I tried the game on a Mac at an Apple store. Last year. Still not loading. Was that a Flash/Apple thing? I don't know.

Anyways, my Chrome Notebook did not arrive, and recently I bought myself a new computer, a PC, after having tried a Mac for a few weeks: I liked it. But if all you need is a browser almost all the time, the PC works just fine. And costs matter. Sam Walton is my hero.

Today - I don't know exactly why - I decided to give Farmville a try, and it loaded fine. And my farm was exactly where I had left it. I had left a rich farmer with a huge farm. I still have hundreds of lemon trees to harvest. I planted yellow
FarmVilleImage via Wikipediawatermelons that I now have to harvest in four days. Looks like I am back in.

This time I am going to take it easy. Last time I was aggressive.

I had absolutely no idea about the English Countryside thing. But good timing on my part, right? This second farm I am going to keep small and pretty. My first farm I kept expanding, and expanding some more. It got a little out of hand. It started feeling like work. But it's a pretty farm nevertheless. It has many, many details.
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