Apple Does Hardware In Asia

Nepali sadhu performing a blessing.Image via WikipediaHardware is harder to work on remotely than software. And it is not even remote. With all the communication possibilities of today, I think people can overemphasize the importance of geography. I enjoy a party as much as the next person, but if you think about it, the whole premise behind social networking - hello Facebook, hello Twitter - is that it is the relationship, not the physical proximity.

And so my tech team is in Kathmandu. It is 50 strong. It has been a profitable software shop five years in a row. But it is only now venturing out on its first tech startup. There are other software things you can do to make money, you know? The team has had global clients this entire time.

I became friends with the team leader before I came to America. This is not outsourcing any more than Nepal and India are foreign countries. They are not, not to me. Why can't I tap into my social capital?

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Over time I expect to have a small local team, techies included. But I think this grand team in Kathmandu gives me a great head start. I am going to work on two ideas. The first, immediate one is B2B social networking. The second is my original microfinance idea where I wish to keep the tech part as simple as possible because I want to push that as primarily a High Touch company.

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Apple does hardware in Asia. I do software in Asia. We are both golden.
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