A FinTech StartUp With An Edge

Lincoln on U.S. one centImage via WikipediaWhat I have is a FinTech startup. It is a tech startup. But it is not a tech startup that is trying to come up with the next big thing in tech. That we will leave to the companies that are first and foremost web tech companies.

But we a-r-e going to stay on a constant lookout for developments in tech to see what new developments we can put to the use of microfinance. So we are going to keep our antenna up. But then that is not true only of web tech. We are also interested in the developments in clean tech, bio tech, nano tech. If there will be developments in those sectors that we can possibly put to the service of our microfinance efforts, we will go in with both hands.

We have already identified two broad areas: social gaming and mobile phone banking. But there is no way we are going to rest with those. It is through use of technology that we are going to be able to best tackle the last mile in microfinance, the most challenging mile. We are going to do the last mile better than anyone else. That is how we are going to be the number one microfinance outfit in the world.

Clean tech is of much interest to me. You need clean energy as much as you need financial capital to fight extreme poverty. No energy, no economic growth, simple as that.

So, yes, we are a tech startup, but we are not a web tech startup. We are a FinTech startup. We are a FinTech startup with an edge.
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