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Business Insider: This 26-Year-Old Is Making Millions Cutting Out Traditional Publishers With Amazon Kindle: 26-year old Amanda Hocking is the best-selling "indie" writer on the Kindle store, meaning she doesn't have a publishing deal ...... She gets to keep 70% of her book sales -- and she sells around 100,000 copies per month. ..... Hocking sells her books for $3, and some $.99. ..... she can make more on volume, especially impulse buys. Meanwhile e-books cost nothing to print, you don't have to worry about print volumes, shelf space, inventory
I write, I write a lot, I write daily, but I am not a writer. I get offended when I get called a writer. I am not. A writer. No.

People who disrespect my political work into the Nepal democracy movement of 2006 call me a journalist. Fuck no. I am not a journalist. That was digital activism. That was political work.

What I do is social media. I am too action oriented to be a writer. I am too much of a mover shaker to just want to record the moving and shaking.

But I do want to write. I have wanted to write an autobiography about my life so far, so as to give myself a fresh start for the next phase of my life. And looks like I just found my publisher. It is Amazon Kindle. I want nothing between me and my reader. And I want the price to be low. And I like the 70% cut for the author.

I want to reach a lot of people. I guess I get to get down to work. But I can't right away, and my tech startup gets priority even later. But it's a done deal. I am going to write at least one book. It should be out in a few years max.

Heck, I might even push out a slim 100 page version this year some time.

This is the way ahead also for movies and music. Moviemakers should release their movies straight on Netflix. Charge people 99 cents per view. Make money on volume. 99 cents for songs is too much. Songs should be sold for nine cents. That would put some major life into the indie music scene.
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