Like David Noel?

Twitter thinks I am like David Noel? Why would Twitter think that? I'd not have thought that myself.

I first met David Noel in Fred Wilson's comments sections. I did not know he was in Germany. I did not know he was a tech entrepreneur. He is the guy who encouraged me to apply for a Union Square Ventures job I was not qualified for. Fred said I was "overqualified."

For the longest time I did not realize he was the dude behind SoundCloud although I had been hearing about SoundCloud much. Only a few days back I learned USV has invested in SoundCloud. Go figure. Fred Wilson bragged about the company at his tumblog.

Most people I follow on Tumblr - almost everybody actually - I follow because they were on a list put together by David Noel. Before I started following those people I was not all that active on Tumblr. Blogger was and is my favorite platform.

But how would Twitter know these things?
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