Contents 2010

My Gmail Prayers Heard: Multiple Inboxes
FoodSpotting Is The Next FourSquare
Mike Arrington Is A Sexist Pig: Say PeeeeG!
Finally TechCrunch "Gets" Disqus
Real Time Search: Where Google Can "Get" Social
Paying For Phone Calls Was Always Ridiculous
I Was In Chicago? Facebook Places Messing Up
Dennis Crowley, Facebook, And The Location Ecosystem
Esther Dyson On The Future Of Search
The Web Not Yet Ready For The Video Format
The Web Lifestyle And Company Cultures
A Ridiculously Good Blog Search Engine
Facebook Doing Location Is Like Google Doing Social, Almost
Hulu Still Struggling With Business Model
China Is The Reason Google Did Verizon
Google Does Not Need Social Envy
Whatever Happened To Google Wave?
Amazon's Amazing Cloud
Post Wintel
Social, Gaming, Email
YouTube: 15 Minutes Are Much Better
Digital Dumbo 18: The Dumbo Loft
Disney's Playdom Purchase
News: July 27
This Blog's Design Inspired By Google, Craig's List
The Art Of Reading Headlines
The Economy: Uncharted Waters
News: July 26
Seth Godin On Failure
Zynga: The Google Of Games?
News: July 25
$35 PC
Chrome OS: Round The Corner?
Ghajini: Tu Meri Adhuri Pyas (Ad)
News: July 20
I Am Big In Canada
Go Outside: Cults
News: July 17 (2)
News: July 17
Reclaiming My Twitter Account
A 4 AM Traffic Peak, Mostly From Canada
Google's Metaweb Acquisition
Tech, Women, Diversity
Darren Rowse's Seven Links Challenge
Traffic: Canada Top Country, 2 AM Peak
Is The iPhone 4 In Trouble?
News: July 14
Shopping Around For Iran
Seed Money
What Just Happened? 3,000 Page Hits
Slow Motion: Panda Bear
You Can Create An Android App Too, Anyone Can
To Iran, With Love (3)
My Tumblr Style
World Cup: Spain Deserved To Win
Andy Grove On Creating Jobs
Right On: The Roots And Joanna Newsome
North To Alaska
To Iran, With Love (2)
Droid X Vs. iPhone 4
The Social Network: The Movie
To Iran, With Love (1)
Larry Ellison's Personal Life
Spain: The Octopus Was Right, I Was Wrong
A NY Tech MeetUp For Sindre Aarsaether
Brad Feld
Rome - Phoenix W/ Devendra Banhart
To: Brad Feld, Subject: Iran And Me (Digital Ninja/Commando)
The Germans Called Me Robin Hood
Happy July 4 Fred Wilson, Brad Feld
An Offer To FourSquare
Argentina Was Not A Team
Soraya Darabi
Blogger Stats
Brazil: The Overconfidence Of A Soccer Superpower
FourSquare: $20 Million At $95 Million Valuation
Soccer And Latin America
July 1 Digital Dumbo: Do Not Miss
Walking On The Moon
The Al Qaeda, Internet, Globalization
Lionel Messi (2)
News June 26
Lionel Messi
Young Folks
Walk In The Park
My Secret Sauce
Rich People's Kids
Swype: Type On Your Smartphone At Laptop Speed
Freehand Exercise: 1,000 Push-Ups, 1,000 Squats, 1,000 Crunches
Saavn's Great Business Model For Movies
Brazil And Argentina: My Choices And Those Of My Favorite Actor
Towards Threaded Conversations On Twitter
How To Monetize Tumblr?
Twitter: The Obvious Missing Features
Indian Railways
OpenVBX: To Manage Your Office Phones
The Eyes Of Truth
Verdict: The iPhone Is Not Open, Flash Is Not Cutting Edge
Fred Wilson: An Unassuming Kind Of Guy
"Where Was This Google All This Time?"
Hey Now, Hey Now
Employment Authorization Card: It's Here
Firing Founders: Mostly A Bad Idea
Venmo Me For My Charm
Randi For Reshma
Buzzd Party Thursday
Finally Google Has Figured Out A Way To Keep Up With My Blog
Scott Contrarian Heiferman Does It Again
The Highlight Of My Internet Week
Not MeetUp
Women In Tech-Media Event At JP Morgan: Internet Week
Paul Graham, Brad Feld, Me, BBC
Zuckerberg Has Stature
Meeting Fred Wilson In Person
Naveen Selvadurai, Vin Vacanti
Slow Gmail: Short Term Help
Slow Gmail
After Entry Level Jobs, An Internship
Internet Week: Going To Three Events So Far
Lady Liberty Whispers
This Is Not Happening: King Dennis
How To Date An Indian: Andrea Miller
Sree In A Candy Shop
The Mashable Success Story
Reshma 2010, Square, And Pro.Act.Ly
Top Web Properties
Larry Ellison's 1995 Network Computer Vision
The Biggest NY Tech MeetUp Ever?
Immigration Status
One Programming Language
India Broadband Spectrum Bids
Google's Advertising Business
Redesigning My Blog
Paul English Writes Back
Kayak, Paul English, Africa, Free Wireless Internet
Kayak, Paul English, Africa, Free Wireless Internet
The Dumbo Loft Digital Dumbo
Indaba Music: NY Tech Talks MeetUp
Entry Level Jobs
Apple: Remarkable
TechCrunch Disrupt
Ann Curry Commencement
Job Search
ChatVille Is Live Now: "What ChatRoulette Should Have Been
The Far Future Of Databases At The Dropio Offices
Google New York
Google Is Having A TechCrunch Day
Chrome Operating System
Chatfe: Audio, Interest Based Random Connections On Skype?
Has Google Been Able To Scale Well?
TED Talks
Seth Godin, Jack Dorsey, Marc Andreessen
Me @ BBC
Patent Absurdity
A Time Warner Vacation
Venmo Could Make Moves
Adam Smith And The Inbox Space
Paul Carr's Frank Talk On Race
Direct Messages From Ann Curry, Steve Case, Robert Scoble
Who Is Chetan Bhagat? 2010 Time 100
A Day In The Life Of New York City
Jon Stewart: Appholes
Venmo And Frictionless Payments
Could 2011 Be Venmo's Year?
Reimagining The Inbox The Simple Way
Dropio's Indian Cofounder Darshan
The FourSquare Appeal For Me
What Are You Doing Monday? Come Meet Al Wenger
FourSquare Must Cut A Deal With Yahoo
Digital Dumbo: Here I Come
The Jack Dorsey Story
FourSquare Office, Dropio Technology
4:16 PM @ FourSquare
I Have Been Quoted In Fast Company
Not Union Square Ventures
2010: Location, Random Connections, The Inbox, Frictionless Payments
Fred Wilson: A DJ
Farmville Has Not Been Loading For Me
Selling FourSquare Would Be A Mistake, Partnering Would Be Genius
Fred Wilson: DJ
Graphic Reality

Chatroulette Is For Real
Dennis, Fred, Scott: Tweet Boom Tweet Boom
A Soft Spot For Mike Arrington
Chris Dixon On Twitter: Not Impressive
4/16: I Found Myself A Party: Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night
Managing Al, Brad, Fred: An Opportunity To Jump For
Real Time Is Real Time, Today Or Last Year
Why Will Facebook Itself Not Do Facebook Enterprise
Twitter Has To Scale The Signals
Twitter Does The Deed: Ads
On Disqus And Disqussions
If The Tweet Is The Atom, What Is Location?
The Inbox Could See New Life This Year
Union Square Ventures Job Opening: I Am Applying
Twitter Acquires Tweetie: The Drama
The iPad Is No Laptop Killer
Breaking The Glass Ceiling With Ann Curry
Vint Cerf, Craig Mundie, Steve Wozniak
Charlie Rose: Technology
Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin
Twitter Need Get Work Done
April 2010 NY Tech MeetUp
Fred Wilson's Gift To Me
Net Neutrality Is The Internet's DNA
Twitter Needs To Eat Into Its Ecosystem
Andreessen, Conway, Hornik
The iPad
Farmville Farmer's Market: My Idea
Startups And Immigrants
Links: April 2
News: March 30
Sergey Brin's Is The Right Stand
Fat Can Work, But Lean More Often Does
Who Is Andrew Parker?
Measuring Your Twitter Influence
I Share Mark Cuban's Passion On The FCC Broadband Plan
Pierre Omidyar
The New York City Subway
The iPhone, Nexus One, Or Droid? More Thoughts
Facebook And Twitter Suck When It Comes To Searching Their Own Sites Second Thoughts
Broader Broadband
Bollywood Needs To Conquer
AnyClip Is Live Now
Tumblr: Casey, Nina, David, Fred
Broad Broadband
Silicon Valley Vs. New York City
Lady Gaga
Biggest Open Source Company: Oracle, Google Or Red Hat?
Fred Wilson's Insight
Happy Holi
Fred Wilson: VC
Ignite, Set It On Fire
The Foursquare Rap: Badges Like Us
Twitter Visualization: Reading Many Tweets At Once
A MeetUp Has Me Excited: Y + 30
Robert Scoble Retweeted Me
A Buddhist Like Richard Gere
Call Out The Sexism
Location! Location! Location!
An Immigrant Story For Brad Feld
Fred Wilson: A VC
I'll Be Gone
Online Dating Newsflash: Race And Religion Matter
Paul Graham: Y Combinator
News: February 11
One Gig Per Sec: This Is What I Am Talking About
Buzz Takes Gmail To A New Level
My Favorite Super Bowl Ad
Sergey Brin: Google Buzz, China, Clean Energy
Social Media Week: The Best NY Tech MeetUp Ever
Mark Cuban
Bill Gates
NY Tech MeetUp: Europe Edition
She Wolf
My Name Is Khan And I Am Not A Terrorist
Presenting At The Dot Com Hatchery
Salute, Google
Netizen VigLink Pre-Sales Report
Mark Zuckerberg, Mike Arrington
Jason Calacanis
Craig Newmark, Dennis Crowley, Jennifer 8 Lee: Koreatown
Deep Sherchan: Social Media To Discuss Mental Health
JyotiConnect: Executive Summary
Book Of Eli
Anu Shukla Has Found The New Frontier In Advertising
Marriage From Hell: AOL, Time Warner
Blogger + Amazon = Wonderful Things
I Just Became Friends With Anu Shukla
Twitter For The Masses
Empire State Of Mind