Redesigning My Blog

For the longest time I thought that was Google's responsibility. My blog is hosted by Blogger. Google owns Blogger. So it is Google's responsibility. Then weeks back I read this post by Fred Wilson: AVC Redesign. I left the longest, most detailed comment of anyone there. Mostly I disagreed with the basic thrust of what he was saying. Your blog looks good as is, let it be, I said. But a few days later I found myself working on the redesign of my blog.

The number one desire I discovered was I wanted my blog to load as fast as possible. I was surprised that I took out the things I took out. I got rid of the code for Google Analytics. More recently I got rid of Google Ads. I reduced the number of posts on the front page to two from three. I got rid of a whole bunch of things from the right hand column. I got rid of the Amazon ads. I got rid of the Amazon search box. I got rid of the Amazon music box. People don't come to my blog to listen to music. I don't think so. What was I thinking? I was surprised by how much I was able to get rid of.

And the blog started loading faster. It was noticeable. Every split second counts.

Finally today Fred Wilson has done it as well. His blog is now one lean machine. Because fast is not fast enough.

See you on June 6, Fred Wilson, will be my first time meeting in person. After having read so many of your blog posts by now I think I have a right to meet you. And congratulations on winning the Lincoln-Douglas debate at TechCrunch Disrupt. Felt like a trophy for the hometown. (TechCrunch Disrupt, Fat Can Work, But Lean More Often Does)

A New Look For AVC
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