Sunday, June 21, 2009

Microblogging Search: What Took Google So Long?

Google has had a blog search for a while now. But it has stayed away from Twitter search for too long. I am glad finally they are doing it, because nobody else is.
Google to Launch a Microblogging Search Engine Google prepares to launch a service that indexes and ranks content from microblogging services like Twitter. ...... Twitter's search engine has two important drawbacks: it's limited to Twitter and it sorts the results by date. While there are other search engines like Tweefind that try to sort Twitter posts by relevancy and search engines like Twingly that index multiple microblogging sites, none of them does a great job. ...... will sort the results by relevancy
About time this happened.

My expectations have been low. I want to be able to find everything I ever tweeted. Is that too much to ask? Has been for the native Twitter search engine.

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From The Netizen BlogRoll

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Google to Launch Microblogging Search Engine? the Google Operating System blog reports that Google will be launching a new microblogging search service that will sort results by relevance and integrate those results with its own web search engine to trigger a "microblog universal search group", closely related to the way Google Blog Search works. If it turns out to be true, this is great news to those of us who constantly search Twitter for the latest news and trends.
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