Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Is Working On Search

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More Search Options And Other Updates From Our Searchology Event ordering results by time, by type (eg only reviews, only forum posts) .......... search will soon be synchronised between your desktop computer and your phone ....... showing you the relevant bits of reviews through 'sentiment analysis', and pulling out metadata (eg a star rating) thanks to support for RDFa and Microformats ........ a "related searches" system, but one that's displayed as an Ajax-driven spider diagram .........on-the-fly research spreadsheets. Type in "small dog" (their example) and it builds a table of breeds, pictures, vital statistics and other information automagically...... Google sees potential threats not from Yahoo, Microsoft or Ask ..... but from the likes of Twitter, which looks ready to pounce in real-time search, and from the yet-to-launch Wolfram Alpha, which is a very powerful data munger.
Searchologists Give A Glimpse Of What Google's Worried About
It is good to see Google compete with itself. Search is so fundamental to the web that constant innovation is the only way to go. Windows can reach saturation, Office can, but not search. We are barely scratching the surface.

By now the way Google does search is so capital intensive. But real time search is not capital intensive, and there Twitter is the one with the buzz.

I don't think either Twitter or Wolfram Alpha will beat Google, but good thing both will keep Google on its toes. Because when it comes to search, much is lacking, much too much is lacking.

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