Did Not Meet Fred Wilson, But Met Mazy Dar

Last night I showed up for the AVC MeetUp: 11 W 17th St. Fred Wilson did not show.

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But I got to meet Mazy Dar. Mazy was part of a team that sold a company for $650 million in 2008 two weeks before Lehman collapsed. That was a close call. He now has a startup that sits at the confluence of mobile, and finance, and enterprise. This startup is going to be shaking things.

Mazy is half Pakistani, half Iranian, grew up American.

Mazy and I talked for hours. Right before I left I said, "You send me a friend request on Facebook, I send you a tweet." Deal, he said.

We are meeting for a dumplings lunch at Lam Zhou, 144 East Broadway, F to East Broadway, cheap, badass, swell.

I also got to meet Mazy's cofounder: Doerr. And I also got to meet the Zemanta guy Greg, VP of Sales.

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