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Image representing Sam Lessin as depicted in C...Image by jessica vascellaro via CrunchBaseI was just over at Mark Peter Davis' blog for this blog post and learned there Dropio has been acquired - wow - and by Facebook? Congrats, people.

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Does this mean Sam Lessin moves over to the left coast where his girlfriend is, or does Facebook now open up offices in New York City? I mean, if you are going to compete with Google. Does Lessin get his picture taken with Zuckerberg? Does he get to be in the movie? How does this work?

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Does this mean Dropio cofounder Darshan is now an angel investor? Darshan, I have an idea I'd like to run with you? Can we tweet?

Dropio's Indian Cofounder Darshan

Wow. Walla. Congrats, people. Congrats Mark. If Dropio will be moving to some new office space, I recommend their office space to anyone else. They have had great office space.
New York Times: Facebook Hires Drop.io’s Sam Lessin, Calls It an Acquisition: bought “most of Drop.io’s technology and assets” and that chief executive Sam Lessin (pictured) will be joining Facebook. It sounds like Facebook won’t be hiring the rest of the Drop.io team .... Drop.io is also shutting the down its service. It will no longer allow users to create free “drops” (filesharing pages), and current users are being asked to download all their files before they’re deleted on Dec. 15. ...... follows Facebook’s pattern with previous acquisitions like Hot Potato and FriendFeed, where its aim was to hire an executive or a team rather than add a service or new technology..... “We have never once bought a company for the company. We buy companies for excellent people.” ...... Lessin has a history with Zuckerberg, according to David Kirkpatrick’s book The Social Network, having gone to Harvard with him and introduced Zuckerberg around New York during Facebook’s early days..... seems likely that Drop.io needed to raise more money now-ish if it wanted to stay in business — and without new funding, it got acquired.
Okay, so this is talent acquisition, not Facebook starting file sharing? I was wondering as to why Facebook was now getting into file sharing.

Does anyone know how much the company got acquired for?
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